Hello fitness lovers!

So, right off the bat I want to let you know this isn't going to be some crazy fitness results or will have any before an after pictures. This is simply me logging in and letting you know the results after 2 weeks of working out since I started on May 23rd. 

Let me also say that I am not a fitness guru and that working out has not been part of my daily routine for 5 years now. I used to be an avid runner! In 2010-2011 I ran basically everyday (give or take 1 or 2 days out of the week to rest) for 3-5 miles with 2 of my dogs. I then participated in my first half marathon, the Nike Women's Half Marathon in October 2011. This is where my running streak ended. I love half marathons and I love running. I have been trying to get back to my motivated self since then, but sadly I have had no luck...

Why did my running streak end?

Well, I was invited to run the half marathon with some ladies I knew but didn't know them too well to communicate with them daily or weekly. So somewhere along the line, we stopped communicating and I just decided I would go ahead and run it anyways, by myself. Mistakenly, as I was training, I forgot to train on hills! I have always ran on flat grounds. This is usually because I have an extra tendon, yes I said extra, in my foot; so I try to go easy on myself as it gets painful after awhile. During the half marathon, after I believe the 2nd mile, I turned the corner and saw this steep hill and realized "OH SH*T! San Francisco has hills!" Long story short, I messed up of my knees and haven't ran like how I used too since then. I tried another half marathon in January 2016 but sadly my knees gave up by the 3rd mile and needed to walk/run (mostly walk) the next 10 miles.

I have been looking for workout routines, challenges, healthy eating diets and all that jazz to possibly help me get back in the mindset of working out and enjoying it all over again. So I decided to challenge myself for 8 weeks and post it on my blog for accountability reasons. 

So what have I been doing?

RUNNING and WALKING! I have been running everyday with 1 day a week to rest. I walk my 3 dogs for 2 miles and then run for 2 miles by myself. I enjoy running outdoors versus running on a treadmill. I find the treadmill boring and less of a workout (that's my opinion). Running outdoors, I have the elements working against me. I feel my body working extra hard when it's windy and trail running... well that's just a workout! I also do body toning afterwards. I like following Blogilates routines on YouTube. They're pretty easy but you definitely feel it the next day. I also find Casey Ho (the trainer behind Blogilates) not intimidating!


What have I been eating?

I'm not following a strict diet nor am I eating any healthier. I have only really changed my portions, added more fruits to my diet and the fact that I don't eat dinner pass 7 pm. If you know any healthy and delicious meal prep recipes please let me know! I'd really appreciate it and hopefully start eating better to receive the best results.

My results?

I've lost a TON of water weight! I drink A LOT of water already and my body does hold it all in. So that has made a huge difference already. To start, I weighed in at 155 lbs. Currently am 153 lbs. I went down to 148 lbs, but I've gained some after celebrating mine and my boyfriend's anniversary this past weekend. Since it's not all about the numbers, my body in general feels good! After a week of feeling tired and getting used to working out, I have a lot more energy. I feel like I can breathe, feel lighter (not lbs wise) and I also feel like my skin complexion has improved. I don't see physical results just yet but internally the results is where its at.

I've got another 2 weeks of constantly working out and hopefully by then I'll see some physical results and show a before and after picture. Still getting used to working out but it's slowly coming back to me. Our dogs are definitely enjoying the daily walks though :)


jackielyn kate