So if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I was recently in Georgia for my little brother's graduation from the Army! I don't travel much and certainly don't know how to live out of a suitcase. I can do weekend getaways... but sizing my closet down to a small carry on luggage... well it's quite a task! HAHA!

Although I am not a seasoned traveler, I have learned a few things from past trips. I've created a list of things to bring in your carry-on and or personal item to put under the seat :)

small duffel bag or a big, big bag

Aside from my actual carry-on luggage, I like to bring a big bag to put everything on this list in one place. Keeps things organized and easy to retrieve while on the plane.

small cross body bag (purse)

When I travel, I like to bring a smaller size purse. If you know me, I love big purses. I'm the type of girl that feels like I will need this and that some time in my life and I will probably be out and about when that time comes haha. Who else is like that?! Comment below :)

I put my small cross body in my small duffel bag- so... it's like I beat the TSA system and have two personal items *wink wink*. I put my wallet and beauty necessities in this small purse of mine, it prevents them from getting lost in my duffel bag.

neck pillow

I'm a tad bit of a germaphobe, so the idea of strapping a neck pillow on your bag, luggage or back pack is not really my style. It's OK if you do, I personally prefer my pillow not touching other things or people so I keep it in my bag until I decide to use it.

empty plastic water bottle

I think this is a winner tip! Gosh, airport prices are ridiculous so if I can save money I will! Bring an empty plastic water bottle and after passing security fill that baby up for the flight (regardless is your flight offers drinks or not)!


Food is overpriced, so if you're not in need to eat a meal at the airport, bring some snacks. Check the TSA website for what you can bring or not. I like to bring trail mix :) Even if your flight offers snacks, the extra snacks you bring may be useful when you get to your destination. If I personally don't fuel myself up, I experience headaches/migraines and low blood sugar, so I always need to have food on hand.


This is the first time I used bluetooth headphones on a flight and found out that you can't put your phone on "airplane mode" and use bluetooth. 

a book

With all this technology surrounding us in life, there's something about reading a book that you can flip the pages.

zip-up hoodie/blanket

I prefer a zip-up hoodie than just an over the head hoodie because it is easy to put on and take off. My current favorite zip up is an "I (heart) NY" one that my friend and his wife got me during their recent trip to New York! So, thank you Emil and Deana if you're reading this! :)

P.S. I've never been to New York haha

usb cord & plug or a portable battery charger

Our Delta flight had plugs at the bottom of the seat in front of us where we could charge up, but I would also suggest to bring a portable battery charger. The Atlanta airport didn't have much charging areas and were in the process of investing in some WiFi seats if I can remember correctly.

eye mask

If you're flying while the sun is still up, bring an eye mask to help you sleep while on the plane.


I prefer traveling with shoes, but in the times I have traveled with flip flops, I learned to bring a pair of socks for when I go through security. I don't like the idea of going barefoot while going through security...

travel size lotion

travel size hand sanitizer



I bring several capsules in a small container just in case. I knew I was going somewhere hot and humid and I don't know about you, but I'm always getting heat headaches... :(

I hope you found some of these items and tips useful for your next trip(s)! If you have any items/tips that I didn't mention, comment below and also where you're off to next! Love learning how to and where to travel from seasoned travelers :)

happy traveling!



jackielyn Kate