Since many of us may have been given a long weekend, many of us may have gotten use to it real quick. I sure did! So with tomorrow being the start of a short week, we may not be friendliest on the road...

Ahh the road, it can bring out the best of times while jamming to good music while also bringing out the worst of us, waving our arms and hands up in the air cursing loudly at the other vehicle but to their rear view mirror understanding you as they read your silent lips.

ROAD RAGE, we've all experienced it in some form. Some are less aggressive than others, none the less, it's road rage.

I have an 1 hour an 45 min (on a good commute) to 2 hours (on a bad commute) to work and home 5 days a week, so it's important for me to not let other drivers affect the beginning or end of the day. So in order for me to stay in the right mindset and stay positive throughout the day, I do these 10 things that make me stay calm and prepared for the road ahead of me. 


  1. Give yourself time! This can make all the difference in your journey from point A to point B. When your rushing out the door you may also be rushing through traffic. Getting angry at every slow driver and the ones that cut you off. So give yourself some time to get to trip B.
  2. Look at maps & prepare yourself. Whatever app you use, check your route(s). I have the same route 5 days week and I check maps 5 days a week. Usually traffic is the same, but there are those times when it's just red all the way, so I give myself some time and prepare myself mentally for sitting in the car.
  3. Accept the fact that you'll BE IN traffic. Just do it! You can't change it so why get all worked up over it?!
  4. Know that there will be crazy drivers out there. Some drivers are intentionally crazy and, well, some are just crazy without even knowing it. I guess... just be safe out there!
  5. "Read" other drivers. I don't know about you, but I'm always aware of other drivers- in front of me, next to me and behind me. I'm always guessing everyone's next move. More often than not, I'm always right. Knowing what their next move is gives me no surprises.
  6. Make a playlist. I love me some good music. The genres I listen to vary from time to time. Currently, I'm in a Maxwell kind of mood. Oh and I love Pandora! I've filtered my stations so good, everything is just on point!
  7. Listen to Podcast. There's something about people talking and having conversation. I'm new to listening to Podcast, but I love educational/knowledgeable, shows and crime episodes. These are my go to Podcasts: Radiolab, Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape and Casefile True Crime. If you have any other podcasts that you suggest comment below. I need some new ones; sometimes there aren't any new episodes to listen too.
  8. Have a snack! Who doesn't like eat? Doesn't food make everyone get in a better mood? I always, more times than not, have some kind of snack that I bring with me for the road. It gets my mind of traffic for a little and it recharges me.
  9. Find back roads. I love back roads. It's a great alternative to keep moving forward even though the back roads aren't always the faster route.
  10. Think Positive! Don't start driving with a negative mindset.

With this list, I hope it'll make your commute a little more smooth and a little less road rage-y. And stay safe out there! Remember, you're not the only driver and always look for motorcyclists!







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