Who doesn't love dinner? Or anytime of the day that includes food?! I personally love breakfast time. Have you tried the breakfast burritos I meal prepped? Those were perfect- my boyfriend took one everyday on his way to work! 

Dinner time is especially important to me because when mine and my boyfriend's work schedules align, it is basically the only time we can get a chance to eat together. Since we moved, I've made an effort to cook our meals. Wifey status. No, but really, we used to eat out all the time. And when I say "all the time" I mean... ALL THE TIME. We didn't want to go back into that habit and honestly, it was getting boring. 

So when I find a good recipe on Pinterest or a video on Facebook or YouTube, I like to try it. I don't have any recipes up my sleeve soooo.... yea. This chicken basil pesto meal was listed along with the breakfast burritos I tried. 

What can I say about this recipe besides the fact that it was delicious! It was EASY, QUICK and HEALTHY with simple ingridients! As a beginner cook, I enjoyed making this dish. It's also delicious as left overs; I had it for lunch today at work :) 

It's tagged as a meal prep dish but I made it for dinner. For two people there was quite a bit for us, but then again it's a meal prep recipe, so there's going to be "left overs" or a prepped meal to eat. If you're going to cook it for dinner, I think it can feed 4 people.



I'll definitely be cooking this again! As for our left overs from last night, I'll be eating that for the next couple of days. If you know any other delicious and quick recipes, let me know! I'd love to give it a try! :)