10 Pinterest Quotes That Changed My Thinking

Before I started this blog, actually years before I even thought about blogs, I was going through some kind of phase in my life. I was beating myself up for not feeling accomplished, for not being where I should be in life. 

I had all these dreams of having a career, travelling, etc. all by a certain age. We all go through it, I think? Don't we? Where we give ourselves a timeline and a deadline to achieve in life.

I don't think they're bad to have. It gives us a challenge, it gives us direction and helps us to stay on track. For me, life happened.

I want to say, for 3 years I have been stressed and beating myself up for my life not going as planned. I just got stuck, comfortably stuck.

When I look back, my life didn't suck then and it doesn't suck now. I'm actually grateful for the few things I've accomplished so far.

I needed something that can remind me visually that I can still change my life for the better.

I found Pinterest and YouTube as a way to help me get through the tough times. I feel like it brought me back to life. Weird? Eh, maybe.

These quotes have a different meaning for me now. And in time I'll have a new set of quotes that'll get me through another phase in my life :)