I've always lived in San Diego, 25 years in sunny San Diego! I'm no expert at that city, I'm actually still playing tourist and there's probably a good percentage of new residents (from different cities/states/countries) that have seen and done more in San Diego than I have. I don't know what it was- boredom, taking advantage of such a beautiful city, not interested? But I have spent plenty weekends at the dog beach!

Wondering why I'm talking in past tense? I should probably mention that I am no longer a San Diegan. 

For Father's Day, we made a trip down to San Diego. I also wanted to make a day out of it, since you know, we don't live there no more. I didn't want to go and see the usual spots; I wanted something new, something fresh on the eyes. I searched online for "hidden gems" and lo and behold, the HARPER'S TOPIARY GARDEN (< click for more info) came up on the list! 

I honestly can't believe I have never seen this in pictures! Especially knowing some people who do so much in San Diego. It's so beautiful and interesting! Also kind of odd... because you're basically visiting someones front yard. Imagine your home address being on the WWW as an attraction for tourists and residents?! Well, maybe some wouldn't mind the attention haha.

The garden is so pristine and aesthetically pleasing and it makes all the more beautiful knowing that the home owner, Edna Harper, trimmed and pruned the bushes herself!

I recommend taking a quick visit here and admire the Harper's garden! It truly is a hidden gem in San Diego!

Comment below if you know of any other hidden gem's in San Diego or Los Angeles!

3549 Union St. | San Diego CA 92103

3549 Union St. | San Diego CA 92103



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