Why I Smile in the Morning

In my journey to becoming a better me, I found it hard in the beginning to smile. I mean, right? When you hit bottom.... what is there to smile about? It's so much easier to focus on what we don't have rather than what we do have. But we all have something to be thankful for, really we do. 

To get me in the thankful mindset, I found that smiling was the best way. And I believe that you must first smile at yourself before anyone and anything else.

Look in the mirror and just smile. 

Monday through Friday my day starts with "Radar" Apple alarm sound at 4:15 am. I then snooze for 30 minutes. When I finally get out of bed and move my way towards the bathroom I wake myself up with some cold water on my hands. This sometimes makes me grumpy- I like to be warm when I sleep or in general- my boyfriend calls me a heater -__-

Moving forward, I brush my teeth and then skincare! Why am I excited about skincare? Here is where I always make an effort to smile. Either when I'm putting on my serum or moisturizer, I smile at myself in the mirror while squishing my cheeks together haha!

People naturally mimic each other, or mirror each other. So I believe, that when we smile at ourselves in the mirror we're getting a double dosage of happiness :) If we smile first thing in the morning, we can signal our brains to be happy and we can start producing endorphins! Same thing happens when we workout. But let's face it, finding the motivation to workout is another kind of fight haha.

For me, when I do this, I automatically start thinking about what I'm thankful for and what makes me happy. And when I kiss my sleeping boyfriend and dogs "see ya later", I feel much more love than when I'm rushing out the door and focusing on how "late" or "angry" I am. 

Smiling first thing will usually put me in a much better mood. It sets my day. Something so very simple sets my day! I'm much happier throughout the day, I enjoy simple conversations, the music I listen to matches my mood and so on. It's all a chain reaction. 

I'm no scientist by career but by curiosity, this is all by experience and what I've noticed with myself. We must learn to love ourselves and with every flaw we have in our lives. That's why I like to start with smiling at myself in the mirror. I don't need someone or something to make me smile first thing in the morning, I depend on myself and only myself. I am the only constant person in my life and I must learn to live with everything I got within me. That's how you'll get through life.

Try smiling at yourself in the mirror. It'll be so awkward at first. But that awkwardness will have a hint of happiness. Continue until you make yourself laugh because your smiling at yourself. Don't take a mirror selfie! Let this be a moment for yourself! :)