HELLO FRIENDS! I'm back :)

And by the title of this post.... Andrew and I are having a... BABY!!!!


I was literally stuck in a rut creatively around the time we found out the big news and when we did find out we have a little on on the way, well, the first trimester wasn't the friendliest... moms know! Oh so I should probably tell you that I'm also about to be 5 months preggos! I know, I've been hiding it from you guys for about 2 months after we announced it to our family and friends :)


Let's go back to the beginning shall we



July 30th- I'll NEVER forget that day! We were doing some late night grocery shopping and thought that we should probably buy a pregnancy test. We were not trying at all to start having kids- for at least 2 weeks before buying the pregnancy test I could tell my body was different and I wasn't getting my normal signs of my monthly you know. We were both in denial that me being pregnant was it, but I just believed that that was it. So anyways, we took awhile actually starting the pregnancy test. Our biggest problem was, should we eat dinner first then take the test or should we take the test and eat dinner while we wait?!?!? I know I know, such a big problem! BELIEVE ME, if you've ever been in our situation where having a baby wasn't the plan at the time, when to find out is a real puzzle haha. Well we decided to just do the test first then eat dinner... so I peed on a stick.... Let me tell you, 3 minutes never felt like a lifetime until that night! We had covered the results with a tissue paper and when we ready to find out (which actually took a while, we were so nervous) Andrew pulled the tissue paper as I held the pregnancy stick and... it showed PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!


Our reactions were one in the same- both looking up at the mirror looking at each other with our jaws dropped with nervous smiles and laughter. Instantly after that we had our own personal reactions- I instantly started to cry.... from being nervous. Don't get me wrong, I'm so extremely happy we're having a baby but it took me awhile to wrap my head around it. I remember crying and jokingly saying "I'm going to be so big!" haha and boy is that so true right now! I don't think I've worked out so much and not see me slim down but only getting more pregnant haha. I started thinking about how our lives are going to change. I thought "OMG we won't be be able to do anything anymore." I felt like our lives had just gotten started- we had bought a house earlier this year and had some major travel plans, first up was Ireland for my birthday then the Philippines later next year and Japan. To be honest I was scared of having a baby. Mentally, I was not ready. We planned to start trying in a couple of years- it was part of the 5 year plan we had. After sleeping on it, everyday I became a little more excited at the fact that a little baby was growing inside my belly. Andrew however, after that first night became so excited- he became a father on July 31st! I have never seen that side of him and I became more in love with him :) Between the two of us, he's more ready to become a parent/father. He simply can't wait! He has been the best supporter and partner I could ever ask for <3

So really, that's it! I'll share my first trimester experience, gender reveal and second trimester experience on a different blog posts :) But for now, here are some baby announcement pictures my friend Matthew took of us! Thanks for reading and if you have any, any tips on being pregnant and becoming a mom please leave a comment below! I'm so clueless! haha We also just started our baby registry, so if you have any suggestions on brands or must have items please comment below :)




Jackielyn Kate