Last week, Andrew and I celebrated our 13th year anniversary and it was a total success! I wanted to give him credit because he planned the entire anniversary. I'm usually the planner- I suggest the ideas then we agree on one thing, I plan out the budget, the hotels, things to do, etc. Don't get me wrong, I like doing all that but this year, I was a bit lost. I had no idea of what to do. Last year, we drove to Arizona and went to Antelope Canyon then drove through the night to Utah and hiked Zion National Park- that was amazing! This year however, with purchasing a home and all, I thought that it would be OK to stay home and take a few days off of work. But something about that didn't intrigue me, at least not 2 months before our anniversary. I'm not saying that staying home isn't sweet and romantic, but I like to take every advantage I can to go take a "vacation" with my boyfriend.

Celebrating your anniversary with your significant other is just as important as celebrating your birthday or your child's 1st first birthday. Yes, I think it's that big of a deal. It's your date, your day to celebrate each other and accomplishing another year together, especially if you're married and or have been in a relationship for a long time. A lot can happen in a year, career moves, personal changes, family, starting a family, etc., so it's important to take time off from hustle and bustle and enjoy each others company.

As our date was getting closer, I kept asking what we should do, and his answer was simply "don't worry about it, I got it" and "It's set. I planned it." Somewhere along those lines. All I knew was, we were going to Los Angeles!

--the itinerary--

--checking in at the omni hotel--

May this also be a little review of our stay here.

I love the Omni Los Angeles Hotel ! Our stay was beyond amazing and I enjoyed every second of it! We've actually decided to make this our go-to hotel if ever needed to stay in Los Angeles. The staff was very kind and very helpful. For me, experience is everything, and that's exactly what we received, a great experience. The gentlemen working in valet were kind, respectful and quick as they can be. There is no parking here so you need to valet your car every time you leave and return. We were then greeted by Vanessa who checked us in smoothly, congratulated us on our anniversary and gave us details on our access to the club lounge (I'll talk more about this perk later in the blog). Our bell man was Eric with a "c" (as he introduced himself to us). Eric was great- he was helpful, friendly and respectful. He asked first if he could take some time to tell us about our view before just assuming we would want him staying in our room longer than expected. I appreciated him pointing to us what we were looking at because I for sure had no idea we were near museums that I was interested in going too. Our room was perfect- the view was nice and the room was clean. Upon our room arrival, there was a bottle of wine and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us!


--elite helicopters--

What an experience!! I never thought I would ever take a ride in one of these baby's but I guess my boyfriend does listen. This is definitely one of the best ways to see all of Los Angeles and not get stuck in hours of traffic. Our pilot, Gary, was great! He warned us that we may or may not be able to fly on the coast depending on visibility (as you can see in one of the photos below). As we got closer to the Malibu coast, Gary descended under the clouds and was able to still fly us to the coast! He was very focused and concentrated on his view but he still managed to point out what we were flying by and seeing below. I recommend checking out Elite Helicopters!

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--dinner @ the perch--

This restaurant gave me the Parisian vibes, from the decor to the food! The view was amazing! Try and get a table outside and at the edge. Andrew made reservations at 5:30 pm which gave us the perfect time to enjoy dinner while watching the sun set behind the buildings. There was another level above us but unfortunately it was closed for an event. It was a very busy restaurant- the bar was packed and as we were finishing our dinner, all the tables have been filled. The Perch doesn't have a dress code as there were people in very casual wear to cocktail attire. There was a live band playing towards the end of dinner which set a lively mood. Overall, I would recommend this place!

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--omni club lounge--

The club lounge is a great amenity for club room guests. Andrew had booked a club room where the rooms were on the 16th and 17th floor in which the floors were accessible for guests staying on these floors. The club lounge is only accessible to club room guest key holders. The club lounge was seated at the top floor, 17th, with a panoramic view. It offered its guests free breakfast from 6 am - 9 am: fruits, parfaits, bagels, pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, cereal from what I can remember; also, coffee, tea and orange juice. Although the view wasn't an ocean view or greenery, where the Omni is located, the streets weren't busy, but quiet, at least on the weekend. The museums that surrounded the Omni weren't open yet so the streets weren't filled with cars and people. During the day, the club lounge is open to its guests. It's a nice place to hang out and relax, possibly read a book or simply just reflect. They had treats out, candy! There was also a mini fridge which offered free soda and water as well as coffee and tea! Besides the free breakfast being one of my favorites, from 6 pm to 9 pm it was happy hour! OPEN BAR and DESSERTS! Free! You may have to make your own drinks but hey, if it's free it's for me right? After dinner at the Perch, we drove the streets of Los Angeles then headed back to the Omni to take advantage of happy hour! What was nice about this experience was that the club room never got crowded. It was still nice and intimate. I suggest taking advantage of this amenity if you plan on staying at the Omni. This was our first time staying at the Omni and it was just the perfect first time experience to make us want to stay there again.


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--late night stroll--


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