Oh these flats! I'm a simple woman, at least when it comes to clothes. I love versatility, solid colors, simple patterns and good quality in my clothes. When it comes to shoes, I love comfort and a simple style- converse shoes, black plain flats, flip flops and boots are my mains. So when these fabric flats were suggested to me, I hesitated just a little bit. I thought they were super cute at first sight, but the style was a bit out of my comfort zone. Once I tried them on though I instantly decided I was going to buy them.

The fabric detail is unique and the frayed detail makes it fun. The backing of the flats are fabric which makes them flexible- you can fold it in and wear it as a loafer style shoe. They're so fun and pretty comfy! They also make a great subtle statement to a simple outfit.

shop my flats | click on the image

shop my flats | click on the image